“I’m really curious about using crystals, but I don’t know where to start?”

Like most things, there’s no real one-size-fits-all when it comes to crystals, there’s no right or wrong way. It depends on how you want to use them and of course, your unique situation.

My first piece of advice, is to just start.

For me, tumbled stones were an ideal starting point. I didn’t know a whole lot about crystals at the time; whether they would work for me or which stones to start with. Being affordable, you’re able to sample many different stones and discover which you connect most with. Additionally, they’re small enough to carry in your pockets (or like me, wear them in your bra) to reap the benefits as you carry on with your day – this means you’re not thinking too much about how you’re ‘supposed’ to use them, you just are.

Moving on to larger pieces, raw is generally my personal preference, in their untouched natural formation they’re incredibly beautiful and eye catching - hosting the same properties of tumbled stones, but on a magnified scale due to the size difference. Palm sized stones are ideal for holding during meditation, even while you work or lounge on the sofa at the end of a long day. When I’m not physically working with a stone, I like to acknowledge its metaphysical properties and scatter them all around my home in the appropriate rooms or feng shui zones to benefit the whole families mood, energy and aura.

For example; a stone that encourages calm and restful sleep, will be placed on a bedside -  an abundance stone will be places in the feng shui wealth zone.

Though I adore raw, polished stones too have their place; they incorporate both the stones properties and the intention of its shape. Polished points serve to generate or direct energy to a specific place, egg shaped stones are ideal when trying to conceive and carved stones as you would expect hold the symbolism of the animal or deity it is shaped after.


“Okay, great. But exactly which stones should I buy?”

When people ask me where they should start, I think this is more so the information they’re looking for. Specifics. Just tell me what I need. I getcha. And I’m more than happy to help – but your intuition is by far your best guide; as with anything, the information you need is already inside you, your body knows what it needs to heal and will guide you through feelings. Perhaps you’re feeling attracted to a specific colour at the moment, let’s say pink, associated with the heart chakra, that’s your body knowing its needing love energy.

Likewise, if you’re feeling particularly drawn to a stone, whether you know anything about it or not, trust that feeling.

There are a few very common stones that I believe are fundamental to any collection, we’ll call them the masters, as they are known to be notably potent and diverse in the areas of which they can be of use; clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz. If you’re absolutely lost, just start with these three. I also want to throw smokey quartz into the mix because frankly, smokey is the bomb.

Most stores will include a brief description of each stones believed metaphysical properties and uses for you to gauge whether that resonates with your situation. Like anything, it takes time to learn and memorise, but you will.

I would also suggest investing in a crystal book or bible at some point, available at most bookshops - this will be your guide in better understanding each stone, how to use them and discover new ones that you’d like to add to your collection.


“Sweet! Where are the best places to buy them?”

Well, globally we’re currently in a state of mass awakening (which is probably why you’re interested in crystals in the first place!) and this means they’re becoming more and more accessible.

If you open up Google, search 'crystals' and click on maps – unless you’re somewhere rural, I would bet there is a crystal shop in your area. Sometimes it is easier to decide when you’re able to see and feel the stones in person.

Online, you have an abundance of options and our shop is one of them.