Dare I say, nine times out of ten, those considering incorporating feng shui in their homes are doing so with the wealth zone in mind. Look, absolutely not judging, but you're doing your home a disservice by only acknowledging one area.

Ultimately, feng shui is about allowing energy (or chi) to flow freely all throughout your entire home through removing clutter, obstacles and working with the energy of each zone in a way that honours you and your style - that's right, your style, no lucky buddha statues required.

While there are some guidelines for each of the nine bagua zones, the primary goal is simple - arrange your furniture in an open manner that doesn't block natural pathways to allow the energy to flow through effortlessly, and ensure every item in your home serves a purpose and brings you joy - if it doesn't, your chi is being smothered by clutter my friend.


Now, let's get to mapping out your home and it's feng shui zones, shall we?

There are actually two ways you can define the bagua map of your home, the traditional way and the western way - they each include the same zones in the same order, but the way you read your home differs and thus where those zones are placed over your floor plan may differ. Neither is better than the other, but you will need to chose just one.

It may seem rather confusing, but it sure comes in handy to have two options for working with chi energy, particularly if one method placed your wealth zone literally in the toilet - simply use the other!

First, have a copy of your floor plan or a rough sketch at the ready.

To read your home the western way, simply align the bottom of the western bagua map with the wall your front door is positioned on and divide your home into nine somewhat equally portioned areas.


To read your home the traditional way, you'll need to take a compass reading and locate the centre of your home - this tutorial simplifies the process. From the heart zone of your home, eight additional zones beam out diagonally, like pizza slices rather than breaking down into boxes areas.

feng shui bagua traditional

Once you've decided on a method and identified your baguas, thus begins the furniture shuffle and redecorating!

element . earth
primary colour . mustard
accent colours . yellow orange sand
crystals . large clear quartz generator
this is the heart of your home, the source, radiating outward like a beautiful, warm sun. an ideal location for a sun catcher or generator crystal point, and fresh sunflowers in an earthy vase.

element . wood
primary colour . deep green
accent colours . gold teal purple
crystals . amazonite. jade. tree and moss agate. green aventurine. citrine. jet
who doesn't want to manifest a little extra abundance? present luxury and wealth in this area with your favourite designer pieces, timber furniture and gold ornaments. lucky fortune charms; citrine, jade and aventurine crystals, jade plant.

element . fire
primary colours . red
accent colours . orange yellow purple
crystals . peacock ore. carnelian. red jasper. herkimer diamond. amber. aura quartz. peach aventurine.
how you present to the world and how the world receives your presence, that is the role of the fame zone - it's important to express your inner light in this area, and what you want to be known for. ruled by fire, you might consider burning candles and incense here, as well as displaying awards and achievements. notice how all the colours are strong tones often associated with royalty, this is not the zone for shyness.

element . earth
primary colour . nude
accent colours . pink peach beige dark green
crystals . cobalto calcite. chrysocolla. emerald. pink kunzite. rhodonite. twin quartz. malachite
attract or maintain harmonious relationships by keeping pairs in this space, such as two vases, candles or two pieces of rose quartz side by side. keep your colours soft, warm and nurturing in this area, decorating with textured rugs and earthy materials such as clay. 

element . metal
primary colour . white
accent colours . both bold and pastel rainbow
crystals . amethyst. hematite. turquoise. dalmatian jasper. orange calcite. aquamarine. labradorite
with a bright white base, bring this space to life with colourful decor in both vibrant and pastel tones. this zone should feel fun and creatively inspiring, the perfect place to hang your children's artwork and metal sculptures.

element . metal
primary colour . grey
accent colours . white silver green mauve
crystals . hemimorphite. peacock ore. strawberry quartz. black tourmaline. angel aura. angelite
if your goal is to visit every corner of the earth, be sure to hang a world map in this bagua zone and mark out your desired locations or perhaps a globe with a metal base. it's also important the space reflects gratitude for all your blessings, friends, family and community - for example, displaying photos and decorating with gifts you have been given.

element . water
primary colour . black
accent colours . blue cream grey
crystals . cats eye. pyrite. lapis lazuli. tree agate. chrysoprase. tigers eye
we all have unique career and life paths, whatever yours happens to be, find a way to reflect that in this zone, where possible in monochrome fashion with touches of blue. a water feature or art showing water flowing in toward the room symbolise opportunities flowing your way. another suggestion is to display images or business cards of professionals you admire.

element . earth
primary colour . brown
accent colours . grey brown blue green purple pink
crystals . amethyst. blue kyanite. purple fluorite. celestite. apophyllite. stilbite. selenite. cactus quartz. black obsidian
the corner of the mind and spirit. a powerful symbol in this feng shui zone is the mountain; representing a journey and the height of achievement, whether your quest is spiritual or academic. keep this space earthly toned at its core and bring in cool colours to decorate. the perfect place to keep a bookshelf with educational resources and self development books, and if possible create a cozy space for meditation.

element . wood
primary colour . lime green
accent colours . yellow gold purple
crystals  . golden healer. green fluorite. smokey quartz. yellow beryl. citrine. ocean jasper. lepidolite. fuchsite.
here's hoping your family and health zone lands in a sunny spot, as there couldn't be a better place for lush green indoor plants which purify your air and benefit your health. diffuse essential oils and display photos of positive experiences shared with your loved ones.


Now, before you go and separate your home into nine very energetically different spaces, remember that flow is key here. You could create a flawlessly textbook feng shui home but your efforts would be wasted if it doesn't feel good to you, reflect on the above but always stay true to you.


- beds should be positioned so the door can be seen from bed, and avoid placing it under windows where chi exchange is highly active, sometimes causing restless sleep.

- cover bathroom drains with bathmats to avoid energy escape, and keep toilet seat and door closed at all times.

- place your sofa up against a wall, rather than floating in the middle of the room. this position provides a sense of support and safety so you can comfortable relax.