Meditation is an ancient practice with modern research reflecting the powerful effects this practice has on our entire being; rewiring of the brain, healing and disease prevention within the physical body, balancing emotions and awakening spirit.

But it’s no easy feat to simply clear the mind, not in your first sitting anyway.

The good news is, there are MANY ways you can be mindful everyday and take a moment to find clarity and peace. Mindful colouring, a wonderful way to forget your worries and bring colour to your day. Gratitude journaling. Yoga.
All forms of creative expression have a powerful effect on the body and mind. Dance. Paint. Sing. Get those good feels flowing.

I personally find the above to be a great way to ground and regain perspective and inner joy when life feels like a kick in the teeth. Though, for me - actual meditation is truly something else. With my eyes closed and conscious mind switched off, not only do earthly stresses dissolve, but a new world of infinite clarity and possibility comes forth. These visualisations being created entirely by my subconscious, it’s a place of authenticity – it’s me. Meeting your rawest, unfiltered self is awe inspiring, confidence building and ultimately allows you the insight to adjust your path and better fulfil your purpose, passions and true desires.

The art of doing nothing is a tricky thing to teach and one we learn through personal practice and a desire to heal. I do have a few suggestions though that may help you find your way – regardless of which of the above methods fit you.

Take what you want, leave what you don’t, add what you need – create your own blissful ritual.


❁ Set the tone with some harmonious, calm music while you ready your space. I thoroughly enjoy sonesence but this is a personal choice.

☼ Create a sacred space. Find a quiet area in your home where you won’t be disturbed and adorn it with candles, incense and a comfortable cushion for you to base yourself.

ϟ Clear the energy of your space and yourself using sage or palo santo.

☽ Do you have a favourite essential oil? Diffuse and massage topically. Frankincense in particular is known to reduce brain noise, enhance spiritual awareness and communication, while providing a general sense of calm and positivity – I like to rub a drop onto my third eye chakra too.

⍚ Get comfortable. Laying down or sitting upright, your body will need to be comfortable and at ease if it’s to relax completely.

☆ Close your eyes and begin belly breathing. Inhale through the nose deep into the bottom of your lungs, moving up into your chest until your lungs are entirely full. Visualise this inhalation as pure white light, clean energy entering your body and purifying. On the exhalation, visualise all tension and negativity leaving your body through breath. With each deep, slow breathe cycle, you’ll find your body and mind getting more and more relaxed.

☼ Incorporate crystals by placing them around you and holding throughout your meditation. Some of my favourites are apophyllite, amethyst and labradorite, but trust your intuition in selecting the right one for you.


It is believed that we each have one hand that primarily receives energy, and the other emits or sends energy. Typically, the non-dominate hand is our receiving hand, as we use our dominant one to express ourselves through the likes of writing. Something to consider in general - applying essential oil to your palm to receive its healing - holding your primary crystal in your receiving hand and clear quartz in the other to amplify - when hugging loved ones, the dominant hand projects healing with the non-dominant empathetically receives their emotions when all they need is to feel understood.


If you’re new to meditation, I'd encourage you to start with guided meditations. As the name suggests, these will guide you through the relaxation and visualization process, which varies depending on your intent for the meditation. You'll find an abundance available on youtube, and can search for a specific cause; anxiety, guidance and such. Sample a few and proceed with those you feel drawn to; you may like the music or the tone of the person’s voice.

With practice you will develop the ability to effortlessly slip into a meditative state and clear your mind entirely without requiring many or any additional tools.

Most likely though, you'll simply find yourself feeling more at peace and thus becoming more mindful in general. Cuddling your loved ones on the sofa, completely tuning out external influence and feeling nothing but their presence. Sitting on the park bench watching your children play, forgetting your to-do list and feeling a deep sense of gratitude for this life. While out running errands you start to notice the wind on your skin and observe the trees overhead, the birds, formations of the clouds, all those tiny magnificent details we all to easily walk straight past.