Did you know that each phase of the moon carries a spiritual significance? And that you can work with those energies to manifest your deepest desires?
Well I am here to tell you, you can – and show you how.

First, lets run through a brief understanding of each phase.

new moon : planting the seed
The new moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. She is completely in the shadows and as such, some of your own shadow aspects may come to the surface to be healed. It’s not uncommon to feel very withdrawn, by embracing this and sitting in silence, doing the shadow work, you may just be lucky enough to receive divine inspiration. And unlike a lightbulb an already lit room, in the shadows, that bulb (idea) is unmistakeable - plant it, and watch it come to life.

waxing emerging
As the moon grows, so do your little seedlings. They’re sprouting, you’re energy levels are increasing and now is a good time to fertilize your plans – taking small steps to feed them ahead of their blooming. For me this is always a very positive, productive and creative time.

full moon in bloom
She illuminates. She is large and round and whole. She is in bloom. With the full moon our energy peaks and we often feel very spiritually alive with a sense of wholeness and power. Opportunity is around every corner as she shines her light down on all of us. Be sure to soak up some of her energy and pour it into everything you do.

waning harvest
Now again we begin to progressively pull back as the moon wanes. Your seed has completed its cycle, it’s time to harvest, give thanks and clear the fields ready for the next cycle. This is the time to reflect on your ideas, on your process and on their success to see if there’s any area you need to make corrections to do things better next time. reevaluate what you want to carry on and what you need to release.

So, as you can see, we’ll be working with the New Moon to plant our seed goals and moving though proactive and energetic phases before harvesting our goals and reflecting.

The below manifestation rituals are entirely open to personalisation. You may simply sit at your desk and reach for the stars, or surround yourself with a thousand candles.


With each new moon, I want you to release all that was and embark upon this new lunar cycle with new clarity and stronger intention. This involves a deep cleansing ritual, purging physically and emotionally. I like to reevaluate all the possessions in my physical world first, to clear out any blocked or negative energy with sage and treat my body to a candlelit cleanse in the tub, exfoliating the old.

Then, in a quiet and sacred space, take some time to reflect and process the past lunar cycle before waving goodbye and bringing your attention to the present to begin expressing some intentions for the month ahead, it often helps to write these down, pen on paper.

how would you like to feel throughout this cycle period? what would you like to let go of, what would you like to call in? You can set as many as you like, but I find it’s best to keep it simple and focus on 1-3 intentions - these can be very specific or open, this is entirely up to you.

Now pop this piece of paper away somewhere safe and go about your life as usual, embrace the waxing moon phase and have faith your dreams can come true.

It’s around the full moon that you might start noticing signs that your intentions are on their way, or have already come to fruition - possibly in unexpected and magical ways. Either way, you’re going to want to pull out your written intentions and harnessing the clarity and highly spiritual energy of the full moon, take stock of how far you’ve come.

We put on a big show for the New Moon, it’s only fair we do the same for the Full.

Let’s start our evening once again with sage, clearing out clearing out any stagnant energy and blockages in our home and selves. Just as you might take your crystals out to charge them, it’s important that we too take a moment to bathe and charge under her light.

Use this time to reflect on your intentions. Has your intention manifested? How do you feel about it, is this something you still want? Do you need to make revisions or create a new plan of action?



Keep in mind, you can’t just say “I want this” and suddenly it appears. If that were the case we’d all be immeasurably abundant right now.

Like attracts like, you can only attract that which is an energetic match for you, that which you truly believe you deserve in the darkest depths of your soul. Often we do project this level of unstoppable sureness, but it’s merely on the surface with unaddressed blockages buried deep in your subconscious.

SO if you’re wondering why your dreams aren’t manifesting, you may have to do some dirty work first. Do you completely believe it’s possible? Do your actions align with your goals? Have you been sweeping any shadow thoughts under the rug?

It can take a long time to reveal and heal these wounds and programmed beliefs, but the universe loves to reward people who commit to growth. Have you tried meditating on the issue?
I believe if you set the intention, you will either receive your desire, or receive a reason why you didn’t – this may come in the form of a simple passing thought and if you are receptive and hear the message, you can do the healing needed. Gain or grow, either way a positive outcome.



I’m someone who believes you can’t really pick the wrong crystal. Even if the one you’re drawn to is all about communication but you’re working on grounding, there’s a reason - perhaps you need to express something you’ve bottled up in order to feel grounded and secure. The same way you may need the love of a heart healer in order to restore your level of self love, to in turn activate personal power within your solar plexis. And so on. But there are a few stones I especially love incorporating into my manifestation process.

The first is Pyrite due to its energetic magnetism. Optical Calcite will not only raise your vibration to thus attract experiences of a higher vibration, but also help you see the hidden message, useful if your desire isn't manifesting.
Since we’re working with the moon, you can honour her with Selenite and Moonstone.

love : emerald. ruby. rose quartz. amethyst. rhodochrosite.
wealth : jade. amazonite. copper. citrine. tigers eye. jet.
creative inspiration : turquoise. orange calcite. labradorite.
health : fuchsite. green fluorite. lepidolite. golden healer.
career: chrysoprase. hemimorphite. lapis lazuli. cats eye.

Now go forth and manifest beautiful humans.
I believe in you, do you?