Honey Optical Calcite

Honey Optical Calcite


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There's something really special about optical calcite, particularly once polished - if you place a piece over text, the image through the stone appears doubled; this aspect can help you see the hidden meaning, or a new way to look at a situation.
It has a very high and unique vibration and is commonly sought after with a desire to raise ones own vibration. As such, it is linked to the law of attraction; by raising your vibration, you're able to attract people and experiences of a higher vibration. it's useful in rituals of manifestation to double the power, speed or results.
It's clear colour indicates purity; and it's ability to clear negativity, amplify positivity, removing fear to bring more optimism while purifying all chakras as well as your aura - these acts are of course, how it works to raise your vibration. I told you, there's something special about this stone!

10cm L x 4.5cm W 2.5cm H