being in the quartz family, amethyst is a notably diverse stone and popular for a reason. 
much like clear quartz, this stone has the ability to heal and energise wherever it is placed; on the body or in your environment.
it’s purple colour additionally introduces a highly spiritual nature, most commonly used to quieten the mind and make connection to the divine. to receive guidance, intense spiritual growth and healing.
also a great stone to keep close to your sleeping quarters to promote restful sleep and intuitive dreaming.

as the name eludes to, angel aura will assist you in making connection with your angels/guides/higher self.
it’s soft, uplifting energy is believed to be beneficial during pregnancy to grow a deeper connection to your baby and ease anxiety if complications are present.
a great stone for anxiety, panic attacks and phobias in general.

not only beautiful in its formation and clarity, apophyllite is a particularly high vibration crystal and my personal favourite for meditation.
by stimulating the pineal gland, apophyllite opens you to spiritual awakening and reviving energy from higher realms.
this experience of awakening may be why it is also commonly recommended for stress and anxiety. as most will agree, awakenings tend to change your perception of the world and its inconveniences; leaving you with a sense of peace and lightness.

apophyllite and stilbite are commonly found together, and they complement each other wonderfully.
here you have the high vibration of apophyllite, opening your mind and encouraging spiritual growth, alongside stilbite’s gentle, loving energy that too assists in developing intuition and psychic knowing. a fantastic stone for meditation, and one I recommend to anyone wanting to better tap into their intuition.

aragonite sputnik may assist in alleviating anger and resentment, commonly used to ease stress in general.
closely connected with the earth and encouraging conservation of earths resources, may be particularly useful for anyone frustrated with the stresses of the modern world and interested in transitioning to the sustainable simple living movement.
it’s star like structure allows it to transmit these energies in multiple directions.

while connected to the third eye chakra, encouraging spiritual enlightenment, azurite is very much a stone of the mind – maintaining mental alertness (ideal in old age or during study) and overcoming psychological arrogance and ego. it’s calming, but strong and resilient.

azurite and malachite are quite often found together, combining head and heart. here we have a spiritual stone of heart healing, releasing emotional baggage to bring about a clearer mental state.
a variety of copper, known spiritually to be magnetic, azurite malachite is a long term prosperity bringer.

like all black coloured stones, connected to the base chakra, black obsidian is by nature a grounding and protective stone, shielding its user from negative influence.
additionally, there’s something quite mystical about it – used in spiritual practice may aid in healing personal trauma and past life issues. it can be quite intense (but productive) to work with, by bringing all shadows to the surface to be healed.
also known as dragon glass, used to defeat white walkers from north of the wall #GOT

the protection stone. in feng shui, black tourmaline is often kept outside your front door with the belief that it will safeguard your home from intrusion. the same theory of protection applies to personal and spiritual uses also.
like all dark, base chakra stones, it has a grounding nature to it; reconnecting you with the earth and present moment.

blue calcite is known for its calming ability, encouraging soft and gentle movements. it brings a sense of mental clarity. connected to the throat chakra of communication, it will provide you with gentle ways to say what needs to be said.

spirit quartz, also known as cactus quartz, is found in several colour variations, most commonly amethyst, citrine or a combination of the two known as ametrine; which merges their properties.
the spirit or cactus formation is believed to amplify the energy, reflecting light off each of the many tiny points.

calcite crystals are powerful amplifiers and energy clearers, purifying and balancing the room they’re placed in. hold a piece of calcite to cleanse the negative and charge the positive energies within you.
each colour has it’s own personal properties too.

soft and calming, celestite is extremely beneficial to anyone suffering from depression or anxiety. connected to the upper chakras, it encourages awareness, clear communication, faith and spiritual development. perhaps this too is why it’s so highly valued for its physical healing abilities; as a positive mind is known to have profound effects on the body.
a pleasant stone to keep on your bedside for peaceful sleep and intuitive dreaming.

chrysocolla is all about communication, as its fresh blue colour connects it to the throat chakra. most significantly, encouraging men to express their feelings and show their vulnerability.
ultimately a very peaceful stone, bringing with it a calmness, acceptance, awareness, creativity and love.

breathtaking with its minty green colour, chrysoprase is connected to nature, and the heart chakra; assists in healing hurt relationships.
known as a good luck charm relating to employment opportunities, and may help you find new approaches or solutions.

known as a stone of abundance, or the merchants stone, it’s commonly collected to attract more wealth, and it certainly can! it’s certainly worth keeping a piece in your wallet and including it in any rituals to manifest money.
but if we return to the word abundance, we must remember abundance comes in  many forms; the warmth of its golden colour also brings with it joy and optimism, a treasure to amplify happiness.
as goes with the law of attraction, like attracts like, positivity attracts positive experiences.

this master healer needs no introduction. often underrated due to its commonality, clear quartz has the ability to heal and energise wherever it is placed; on the body or in your environment.
drawing pure white life force down from the divine and into wherever you direct it, cleansing and enabling spiritual connection.
clear quartz also amplifies the effects of other stones. in meditation it is recommended to hold an intuitively selected crystal in your receiving hand (more information about that here), and clear quartz in the other to amplify it.

if you’re feeling lost and have given up hope, cobalto calcite may assist by gently transitioning ideas into action to help you start moving forward with your life.
used for emotional healing, especially in relation to love and self-love after heartache or loss. nurturing forgiveness (to others and self) and compassion, helping you to feel good about yourself again.

a variety of selenite, there’s something very soft and calming about desert rose.
though, a stone of the mind, desert rose will actually push you more than it will slow you. encouraging focus, perseverance and confidence in following your truth and bravely tackling new goals.

opens a gateway to your subconscious and higher self, this assists in finding answers for any questions you may have regarding your life path or souls purpose.
as the name suggests, dream quartz connects to your dream state (subconscious) - we all have intuitive dreams, though many have found by placing a piece under their pillow or next to their bed, they’re better able to recall and interpret these dreams while also achieving a deeper and better rested sleep due to the healing that takes place overnight.

elestials are considered an extremely powerful stone, vibrating at a high frequency. they have a strong connection to the divine, constantly downloading messages and sending this information, along with healing attunement, to whomever is within range to receive.

first and foremost, i associate fuchsite with physical healing. gently restoring balance within the body during and after illness.
emotionally, fuchsite encourages sociality and lightheartedness in children, and domestic coordination within families – helpful if you’re struggling to juggle the daily school, work, play routine.
sometimes called the fairy stone due to its golden shimmering flecks.

relaxing and gentle in its healing process, green calcite may assist in calming hyperactivity and obsessive behaviour, creating mental balance.
it’s green colour shows a connection to nature, the heart chakra, and can even be used in rituals to manifest money.

very much a stone of growth, green fluorite will assist you in digging up and releasing old blockages, which in turn encourages profound personal growth and insight.
also an effective purifier, detoxifying both your chakras and your environment. due to this, it's said that a piece in your garden will clear the air, attracting more butterflies.

blue stones primarily connect to the throat chakra, making them ideal for aiding communication – in both an earthly and spiritual sense.
though, unlike many other communication stones i’ve come across, there’s something really fun and easy going about hemimorphite’s approach to communication. it’s definitely got a very social and upbeat feel to it.
believed to assist you in charming the pants off others, by always saying the right thing to the right people – great for reconciling relationships, friendships, or for sales people.
hemimorphite encourages self-expression and creativity. 

heulandite can assist in opening your mind to receive guidance. used in meditation, heulandite can help you to tap into past lives and dig up unaddressed issues, to clear lingering karma in the present.

connected to the solar plexus, the chakra of personal power, honey calcite rebuilds your self worth. encouraging courageous leadership and action after a period of procrastination. through clear decision making you’ll find solutions to various challenges and move forward in life with warm confidence.

oh sweet labradorite! there are two things that immediately come to mind when i think of labradorite; creativity (as inspired by its iridescent reflections) and adventure!
while never reckless, labradorite is all about spontaneity and fun – ideal for anyone feeling weighed down by responsibility or prone to anti-social behaviour.
it encourages us to avoid unnecessary disputes, and reminds us we can be both independent and connected to others.

lemurian seed crystals are associated with the legendary land of lemuria, a highly evolved civilisation, each stone is believed to store ancient healing wisdom of the lemurians. a powerful stone used for whole body healing, transformation and spiritual growth.
the golden healer is, as the name suggests, a yellowish toned lemurian seed with more of a healing intention.

a stone of inner growth, lepidolite helps us to learn to love ourselves and overcome fears that keep us restricted and emotionally dependant on other people, or on crutches such as food, alcohol or drugs when these are used to mask unhappiness. it encourages independence.
by easing obsessive thoughts, it may be beneficial in managing mental and personality disorders.
physically believed to detoxify and strengthen the immune system.

malachite is connected to the heart and a potent emotional healer, particularly regarding childhood trauma and letting go of past hurts in order to move forward, break negative behaviour patterns and engage in healthy relationships based on love, not need.

while holding ocean jasper, visualise soothing waves washing over your body, gently cleansing and releasing any pent-up anger and emotional blockages.
ocean jasper has a soft energy about it; positive, calming and assisting one in developing love for self and empathy toward others.

there's something really special about optical calcite, particularly once polished - if you place a piece over text, the image through the stone appears doubled; this aspect can help you see the hidden meaning, or a new way to look at a situation.
it has a very high and unique vibration and is commonly sought after with a desire to raise ones own vibration. as such, it is linked to the law of attraction; by raising your vibration, you're able to attract people and experiences of a higher vibration. it's useful in rituals of manifestation to double the power, speed or results.
it's clear colour indicates purity; and it's ability to clear negativity, amplify positivity, removing fear to bring more optimism while purifying all chakras as well as your aura - these acts are of course, how it works to raise your vibration. i told you, there's something special about this stone!

orange calcite is my first stop when needing creative inspiration. of course creative energy and sexual energy are one in the same, thus this stone can be used to reawaken sexual desire.
overall a very happy and radiant stone, encouraging optimism, wellbeing and problem solving.

ever uplifting, peacock ore is a stone of happiness and joy. but you knew that already, you felt it the moment you laid eyes.
a great stone to keep close by before first dates or job interviews to brighten your aura, ensuring confidence, radiance and memorability.

the woman’s stone, pink kunzite may assist with hormonally linked ailments associated with pms, puberty and the reproductive system.
it relieves the pain of heartbreak and helps to pull down the walls to our hearts that are often built after romantic hurt, thus allowing us to welcome new love into our lives.
also an ideal stone for mothers, especially young or single mothers, to feel supported. additionally soothing restless babies and overactive children.

in an age of great spiritual awakening, pink tourmaline assists in easing the emotional pain that often surfaces from past trauma. softening guilt and anxiety, especially in matters related to the heart.
it brings with it a peaceful, nurturing, loving energy.

holding such a potent, peaceful energy, purple fluorite is an exceptional aid for those sensitive to the stresses of modern life, especially those with non-stop busy schedules. it will assist in balancing your energetic output and focus.
its purple colour connects it to the spirit world, making it ideal for meditation and dream work, protecting from negative influence and receiving new information from higher realms.

pyrite, also known as “fools gold” is the stone of choice for manifestation. for spiritual purposes, pyrite is often collected for its magnetism in intention setting and manifestation rituals based upon the law of attraction.
also a masculine stone of strength, power and action. historically prized for protecting its user from harm.

rose quartz is a fundamental of any stone collection. connected with the heart chakra, it is the stone of unconditional love, warmth, soothing and bonding.

the rutile threaded within the stone creates a strong connection to the divine, ideal for angelic connection.
when found in smokey quartz, this allows the user to release anxieties and simultaneously seek guidance on ways to move forward.

selenite is a highly spiritual stone connected to the crown and soul star chakras, can be used in mediation to connect with higher realms, as well as purify the aura.
named after selene, the greek goddess of the moon, selenite has strong ties to the moon and in turn; the emotions, fertility, femininity, family and magic!
beneficial for balancing hormones and creating harmony.

oh great absorber of negativity! smokey quartz is always my first recommendation to anyone going through tough times or battling depression and anxiety. being both grounding and protecting, it takes those unpleasant thoughts and helps you find the calm certainty that leads to positive solutions.

sodalite is a stone of wise women, bringing with it strength and self-confidence. it’s blue colour links it to the upper chakras of intuitive truth and communication, assisting you in finding balance between the mind and emotions to find a logical middle ground and communicate this effectively.

another highly spiritual stone, stilbite is a powerful stone for developing intuition and psychic knowing. a perfect accompaniment for deep meditation when seeking guidance regarding your next step in a particular area of your life.
it’s peachy pink colour adds a softness, a loving and kind energy. encouraging to always act with love, and remember that you too are loved.

sulphur brings with it a radiant vitality and abundance of energy!
connected to the solar plexus chakra of personal power, self expression and manifestation.
ideal for anyone who has a disposition to anger or rigidness, sulphur encourages you to let it all go (even if your anger is justified) and stay in your independent power, keeping your thoughts pure and positive to manifest better things.
while believed to be detoxifying, drawing out illness and infection (physically and emotionally), sulphur is toxic if ingested. use externally only and never in crystal elixirs.

tri-colour calcite uniquely combines the energies of the colours featured within the stone.
it has a highly charged, dominant feeling to it; the white dissolves fear and red increases energy, strength and willpower, encouraging action taking. despite all that fiery energy, it’s still grounding and centring. 

primarily a stone of spiritual purification, linked to the upper chakras to assist in divine connection, drawing light down from these higher realms to cleanse the energy field.
white aragonite has a very peaceful feel to it, encouraging compassion and forgiveness (of others and self) to enable you to continue on your true path.

white calcite often comes across very soothing, don’t be fooled by her gentle demeanour – she’s an energetic powerhouse.
place calcite in any room of your home and it will immediately begin cleansing the energy of the space.
in personal use, white calcite will purify your aura, restore motivation, raise consciousness and accelerate growth.
a stone of purity and truth.

asides from beautifully imitating marble, white howlite is a very calming stone, particularly for the mind and emotions. it may assist in severing cords and attachments of past hurts (in this life and past lives) from your present world. thus enabling inner healing, growth and maturing.
it’s calming energy may also prove useful in your communications, both with others and the way you talk to (or down to) yourself. decreasing anxiety and an overly critical state of mind toward yourself and others.

the sunshine stone, yellow beryl assists us in releasing old emotional baggage and stress. this process of purification creates new found confidence, independence, motivation and will to succeed.
associated with the solar plexus chakra, it is beneficial for amplifying personal power and manifestation.


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